Lunch Menu

Soups of the Day
See our Specials Board for today’s selection of freshly homemade soups $10
Toasted Gourmet Focaccias 
Chicken – Basil pesto, spinach, red onion, tasty cheese and mayonnaise $11
Vegetarian – Roasted and marinated vegetables, spinach, cheese, hummus and garlic yoghurt $11
Salami – Spinach, semi dried tomato, Swiss cheese, onion and tomato relish $11
Sandwich Bar
Freshly made sandwiches, wraps and rolls made to order. See our display boards for further information
Warm Chefs Salad
Marinated and grilled chicken, bacon and roasted capsicum, served on salad greens with red onion, cucumber, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette (GF) $17
Tuna and Corn Pattie
Made with Tuna, sweet corn, potato and a touch of chilli, served with a side salad or in a wrap $13
Sandy Feet Beef Burger
Prime beef pattie grilled with bacon, egg, choose, tomato, friend onion, lettuce, beetroot and bush tomato relish $17
Spicy Chicken Tortilla
A spicy mix of chicken, tomato salsa, onion and tasty cheese, toasted and topped with sour cream and jalapenos $16
Smoked Salmon Tortilla
Smoked salmon rolled in a wrap with red onion, cream cheese, capers and lettuce, slightly toasted and served with a salad garnish $16
Curry of the Day
See our Curry specials board $17

Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian Lasagna
Homemade with fresh garden vegetables layered between lasagna sheets with cheese and Napoli, served with a side salad $16
Gado- Gado
Steamed vegetables and grilled tofu served with steamed rice and peanut sauce (GF) (V) $16

Vegetarian Frittata
Filled with garden fresh vegetables, eggs and melted cheese (GF) $15 
Falafel Wrap
Falafel wrapped with lettuce, tomato, onion, parsley, hummus, tahini, garlic yoghurt and your choice of sweet or chili sauce $13 
Lentil Pattie 
A blend of green lentils, potato and spices, served in a wrap or with a side salad (GF) (V) $13 
Veggie Burger
A vegetable pattie grilled and served in a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot, hummus and garlic yoghurt $15